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Paragon Finance Ltd. !!

Paragon Finance Ltd is a professionally managed company with an independent Board of Directors who are not only doyen's in their respective fields of excellence, but also bring in a rare brand of expertise and commitment to the company that helps us forge ahead consistently. Our Board and all the employees of the company imbibe in them the core values of Paragon, which has helped us in the past and continues to help us remain what our name embodies - the Paragon of financial excellence.

Paragon Finance is a socially responsible corporate citizen which believes in sustainable development with inclusive growth. All of us at Paragon - from the directors to the front line employees view ourselves as the trustees of our shareholder's wealth, the faith and goodwill of our customers and business associates and the custodian's of the Nation's wealth. The business model of Paragon has evolved in such a manner that the company has some of the lowest default rates in the industry, not to mention a huge IRR of 24% from its core activities. This alone makes Paragon a much studied entity and perhaps explains the steady and stoical movement of it earning graphs, which seems unaffected by external factors.